Depending on your camera model and settings, you will get different snapshot formats. Follow these tips to enhance your photos, whether in print or on a screen.

Different devices, different photo formats
If you have a SLR or some hybrid cameras, your photos will be the same size as the photos produced by a film camera, which is 3/2. For most digital compact cameras, the aspect ratio is 4: 3. There are other formats, such as the square format or the 16: 9 format, that highlight certain subjects, such as portrait or panorama.


Crop your formats like a pro

Why go through the settings of a camera when it is enough to crop a shot with the finger or the mouse? Well! For two good reasons: to improve the harmony of your photo while maintaining aesthetic proportions and to benefit from a development that does not cut your photo. Still, the use of software is usually simple: the option to choose a photo format may vary. In most cases, you can access it by clicking on the crop icon (a dotted rectangle) or, in the “Edit” menu, by clicking on “Crop”. Opt for the desired format, making sure the “Fixed Proportions” box is checked, otherwise check it.


Unleash the artist inside you with a relevant choice of lenses to take pictures during this time of celebration. Intimate portraits, retro look or super-wide angle … We tell you all about the objectives that can give a completely different perspective to your eve photos.

Are you tired of the same sempiternal photos of the holiday season? Invest in a new goal. Success assured!

More fun …
With fish-eye objectives, you’ll surprise everyone, that’s for sure! They allow you to shoot at a very wide angle without having to back off. Suffice to say that your photos of the eve table will be unparalleled since you can include everyone on the same shot. Be careful, however, to your fingers, your feet, your shadow, as they can easily end up in the picture. Do you shoot with your smartphone? Know that there are now extreme wide-angle lenses to attach to the lens of your device.

To the most classic

One of the main problems when taking photos during the holidays is the lack of light. There is however a solution to improve your photos. Equip yourself with a lens that captures more light to properly expose your photos, allowing the aperture to be at least f / 2.8.

The other major flaw in your goals during this time of celebration is that they generally limit any prospect. Suddenly, some of your shots lack spontaneity.

To remedy this, give yourself a telephoto lens. You will be able to zoom in from a distance without altering the quality of your photos and make you forget the time to fix magical moments for eternity.

Using filters
Less expensive than a goal, filters can help you renew the style of your holiday photos. Try color filters to change the balance of hues and give your photos a special mood. The yellow filters will warm up your portraits, while the blue filters will correct the effects of indoor lighting. There are also other types of filters to create more artistic effects (diffraction, blur, etc.).


An exit to the sugar shack is in itself a journey back in time. So that our photos reflect the ambient nostalgia, we give them a vintage touch thanks to these tools.

To find the look of old photos, which are often overexposed and endowed with faded colors, we can always play on the exposure and white balance. But why complicate things when you can make your life easier with apps and specialized websites?

Play with the filters
The Instagram application, with its many vintage filters, does without presentation. It can be used easily on all types of cell. We can play with the filters, but also add sepia, saturate or wash the colors … We find in no time the Polaroid effect of the 70s.